Kellie Bowman

Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Love God.

If authenticity lives in a universe, Kellie Bowman would be its total existence. Hailing from Carson, California, Bowman is the daughter of Alfredo Darrington Bowman who is also known to the world as Dr. Sebi. For many years, others would recognize her father as a great yet world renowned herbalist. He would go on to leave a legacy of natural healing knowledge, philosophy and wisdom to pass onto future generations for the advancement of all humankind. As a small child, she would often travel to see her father in Compton, California learning how to garden and enjoyed childhood memories living in a place filled with life and color. “I would play and eat with my sister for countless hours in our family hut and everyday my father would always create new foods from scratch to see how it would make us feel. My favorite would be his original banana pancakes.” Those adolescent experiences would serve as an introduction to the importance of culture, food and creativity.
Throughout Bowman’s life, she worked alongside her dad at the family store. She observed people with various illnesses travel near and far in search of a cure and became interested in anatomy and then felt the desire to attend nursing school. “I felt our clientele needed more from me and I wanted to learn more about the structure and function of the body.” Bowman learned the holistic side of medicine from her father but pursued college to study Western medicine to best support her clients. Following in her father’s footsteps as a teacher, Bowman has taught at several colleges across the state of Georgia for over 20 years. She currently serves as a health consultant and retired as a nurse. Under the umbrella of human anatomy and development, Bowman has provided formal instruction on topics ranging from birth to death which has only expanded her instructional and coaching capacity and approach to medicine.
Bowman is motivated by her love for community and people. Her benevolent heart is filled with generosity, which has allowed her to flourish, love and provide others with education around indigenous foods. One of her main goals is to highlight the celebrities of the garden and be a spokesperson for nature. In the next chapter of Bowman’s life, she seeks to uplift, heal and educate communities on natural, holistic medicine and fulfill her father’s legacy.
“It's time for me to take that walk again, the same walk I took as a child in that beautiful garden.” Currently, there are plans to open a garden in honor of her father, Dr. Sebi. Ultimately, Bowman aspires to reach back and expose the next generation to her garden which will include an array of radiant foods filled with life and hope. “I want our people to imagine themselves in Honduras or a rainforest and become the best version of themselves by way of instrumental foods.” Emphatically, such selfless acts is how Bowman wants to be