Kellie Bowman

Kellie Bowman, an entrepreneur and one of nature’s heroes, healing the community with nature’s creations.

Kellie is the daughter of the late Alfredo Darrington Bowman – known to the world as Dr. Sebi. Kellie utilizes her background as a nurse of 20+ years and the 30+ years of her fathers teachings in alternative medicine to heal her community and continue her fathers legacy through her company Sebi’s daughters.

Healing begins with the mind, body and soul in every capacity. Sebi’s Daughters provide natural healing products from supplements, to personal care products and private consultations. Everything is provided with love and the intent to inspire and prioritize the health of the community.

The herbs and resources used are sourced from the best places around the world! Kellie prepares her product with the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the best product is shared and when working with private clients, she has a strong team to support every client’s need.

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